FERT FOCUS – Podcast

An educational podcast from Tow and Fert.

FERT FOCUS by Tow and Fert

Fert Focus is a podcast designed to provide Tow and Fert owners, farmers of all kinds, and anyone with an interest in fertiliser use on the farm or orchard with a resource they can use to learn and grow their knowledge of the fertiliser field.

Join Jolyon Ludbrook, Marketing Manager at Tow and Fert, and Michael Smith, Mr Tow and Fert himself and New Zealand Sales Manager, for a monthly podcast touching on all things fertiliser.

We will be talking to Tow and Fert owners, contractors, agronomists, and others with information to share on how listeners can improve and enjoy their farming practices.

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The Tow and Fert Times.

The Tow and Fert Times is a publication full of information for dairy farmers. Designed to help you with your nutrient management and fertiliser decisions, it is packed full of helpful information, case studies and helpful tips and tricks for the farm.

Volume 8 (Winter 2022) Available now!


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