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No matter the time of year the Tow and Fert range of Liquid Foliar Spray machines offers Farmers versatility and usability in their Nutrient Management programme.

Tow and Fert will dissolve your solid Urea in it’s tank, keep Ultra Fine Particle Fertilisers suspended in liquid and even allow you to spray weed spray and the small seeds your pasture needs.

Tow and Fert is a versatile machine with quick return on investment.

Spraying your fertiliser on your pasture with a Tow and Fert will help you meet your Nutrient Budget by greatly reducing the amount of fertiliser lost into the environment, reducing the amount you require and saving you money.

The Tow and Fert Range

of Liquid Foliar Spray Machines

Sturdy 500 L tank
Spray width up to 10m
3-4 hectare coverage in 20 - 25 minutes
Tow behind an ATV or side-by-side

+ 1000 litre tank
+ Cover up to 10 hectares with one load.
+ 10 metre or 20 metre spray spread
+ Tow with your 4×4 or tractor

+ 1200 Litre Tank
+ Cover up to 12 Hectares with one load
+ 10 Meter or 20 Meter spread
+ Hydraulically driven by your tractor

+ 2800 Litre Tank
+ Cover up to 20 Hectares with one load
+ Mix 1 tonne of urea
+ Up to 20m spread

+ 4000 Litre Tank
+ Cover up to 30 Hectares with one load
+ Mix 1.5 tonne of urea per tank
+ Up to 22m spread

Not sure which one suits you best?

Why Choose The Tow and Fert?


Nutrient Management has never been easier. Balancing your inputs and outputs in accordance with the ever increasing regulations and decreasing limits is so much easier with a Tow and Fert. You will save up to 50% of your “N” fertiliser moving to the Tow and Fert system, but the environmental savings can be even greater.


Using less fertiliser and growing more grass has never been so easy. Our customers know the savings they have made on the input side of their businesses. As your farms biggest capital expense, fertiliser, reducing your input will significantly increase your bottom line. All in all it’s a win-win for everyone.


As a specialist liquid spray machine the Tow and Fert has been designed to enable farmers to dissolve their N fertiliser in the tank in minutes, suspend UFP solid fertilisers in the liquid, spray small round seeds, such as chicory, plaintain, clover and suedes and even apply weed spray when required all while using your effluent as a base liquid.

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Real World Farmer Stories

Atiamuri Central North Island

Miah Smith

Reporoa Waikato

Alistair Neville

West Coast South Island

Ian Maxwell

Canterbury South Island

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Why Foliar Application Of Fertiliser Works

Plants, or pasture swards, have cells that have space around them called stomata. These allow the leaf to absorb and take in nutrients from products that hit the leaf. The absorption of nutrients takes place through the grass stomata and epidermus seen here in the diagram.

The grass sward will then use only what it needs to grow allowing farmers to use significantly less nutrient input products than they would if applying solid fertilisers.

Foliar application of fertiliser results in significant gains to farmers and their heards. From grass that grows better for longer to growing higher quality, more nutrient dense pasture the benefits are significant.

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The best way to see if a Tow and Fert is right for you is to book a FREE, no-obligation, demonstration today. It is the best way to answer all your questions about changing to the Tow and Fert System.