The Tow And
Fert Range

Whatever size your farm, whatever nutrition system you run, there is a Tow and Fert to suit you.

From the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North Tow and Fert machines provide farmers with many benefits, no matter the model they choose.

A versatile soution and a versatile range.

For over 10 years the Tow and Fert range have provided farmers all over New Zealand and the world with a flexibility and versatility not seen before in the agricultural industry.

With 5 models to choose from there is one that will suit your particular operation.

Each model is continuously improved as we get feedback from our users so you know that your machine will be the very latest in design and technology when you receive it.

The Tow and Fert Range

of Liquid Foliar Spray Machines

+ Sturdy 500 L tank
+ Spray width up to 10m
+ 3-4ha coverage in 20 – 25 min
+ Tow behind an ATV or side-by-side

+ 1000 litre tank
+ Cover up to 10ha with one load.
+ 20 metre spread
+ Tow with your 4×4 or tractor

+ 1200 Litre Tank
+ Cover up to 12ha with one load
+ 20 meter spread
+ Hydraulically driven by your tractor

+ 2800 Litre Tank
+ Cover up to 20ha with one load
+ Mix 1 tonne of urea
+ Up to 20m spread
+ 4000 Litre Tank
+ Cover up to 30ha with one load
+ Mix 1.5 tonne of urea per tank
+ Up to 22m spread

Not sure which one suits you best?

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