Case Study:
Alistair Neville

Reporoa, Central North Island, New Zealand
Tow and Fert Multi 800, Dual Booms

The Multi 800 has been superseded by the Multi 1000.

Is a Tow and Fert the answer to incoming Environmental Regulations?

Alistair Neville has a penchant for using technology for improving farming returns and the Tow and Fert is a big part of improving farm performance and environmental compliance.

The use of technology to improve farming practices and returns has always been something that Alistair Neville has had a passion and interest in.  Whilst studying at Massey University he came across a paper advocating for the benefits of foliar applied fertilizer. He quickly latched on to the idea and came across the Tow and Fert range about 6 years ago.

Being an early adopter of the Tow and Fert, Alistair runs a Tow and Fert Multi 800 (now the multi 1000) and is quick to sing it’s praises for the system they are running.

“We are putting mostly Nitrogen through the machine, Urea and SOA mix or an N and Elemental Sulphur brew. We will also run Giberillic acid in the colder months.”

Alistair is also making the move to an Autumn milking run to take advantage of the premium payout available form Fonterra for winter milking and to make the most of summer with his boat and bach.

“With us going into winter milking the Tow and Fert will be a key component of the whole system to grow as much grass as we can. So we will look to things like UAN. Another great thing about the Tow and Fert is the ability to put herbicide down whilst we do our N application. This will save me time.”

Currently Alastair is using the Tow and Fert Multi 800 2-3 times a week following the cows. He is also able to make use of the excess Green Water on the farm as the base in which to mix the fertilizer brew.

Some of the additional uses that Alistair has found for the Tow and Fert Multi 800 include using it as a trash pump, cleaning culverts and troughs and every now and again giving the garden a bit of help with some Green water as well.

Environmentally speaking Alistair is well aware of the benefits being achieved, 

“We need to be environmentally friendly and with new environmental regulations coming in we need to be smarter about how we use our fertilizer, especially Nitrogen, and I think the Tow and Fert is the answer to quite a lot of that.”

“I recommend to those in environmentally sensitive catchments to seriously look at a Tow and Fert. It’s a simple way to get more out of your fertilizer inputs and cut down your current N use and still get the same benefits as you would from what you have been doing.”

And of the Tow and Fert team, Alastair has this to say “We have been dealing with the Tow and Fert team for 6 years and the backup service has been second to none. The new service program means we are getting a regular service, once or twice a year and there has always been a quick turnaround. It’s an easy machine to keep tidy and is low maintenance.”

Moving forward Alastair still has his eye on technological improvements.  He is eyeing up a new Milking shed with all the bells and whistles and is keen on taking the new Tow and Fert Multi 2800 for a spin.

“In terms of other machines on the market there is really no other. In terms of build quality and mixing quality there is really nothing on the market that is even near it. At this stage the Tow and Fert is the only machine you can look at.”

“Tow and Fert have really nailed it with a machine that can both mix and spray.”

Episode 1: Alistair Neville talks about being one of the early adopters of the Tow and Fert and how his farm has changed over the years.

 Alistair Neville with his Multi 800: Alistair’s original Tow and Fert Multi 800 has been on the farm for over 6 years. He is dreaming of an upgrade to the 2800 soon enough.

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